Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment At Home

Published: 07th December 2011
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Bacterial vaginosis is not a fun condition. However, it is one that money women have to endure. The worst part about it isn't even the itchiness, cramping, bloating and bleeding that come with a vaginal infection. In fact, the worst part isn't even the awful fish-like odor that can come with BV. The worst part about BV is the fact that you can treat it with medical creams, lotions and antibiotics and just when you think it's gone it can come back. That's why most women are now exploring natural BV home treatment ideas.

One of the best home treatments for BV is to prevent it before it ever starts. One option is to try to keep your vagina clean. That would mean changing your underwear frequently, never staying in wet clothes too long and being careful about sex toys and other items that may come in contact with your vagina.

The other thing that you need to understand is that bacteria are living organisms and living organisms need food. Most of the bad bacteria that create a bacterial vaginosis infection specifically thrive on unhealthy sugars. So, you can often treat BV by eating healthy foods and getting rid of the bad bacteria's food sources.

Food For Thought:

Eating a healthy diet can also help your body fend off BV in other ways. For instance, vitamins, such as K-1, that are often found in healthy foods can reduce BV symptoms, such as bleeding. Also, the right mix of vitamins and minerals can easily help to protect your body, keep it strong and boost its immune system. That will allow it to fight off bacterial and viral invaders more efficiently and not just in your vagina. So, that's definitely food for thought.

Yogurt As A BV-Fighting Food Source:

One great home remedy for BV is yogurt. Yogurt works well as a BV-fighting food source for two main reasons. Reason one is that yogurt is a good source of calcium, which can reduce bloating, nausea and other BV symptoms.

The other thing to keep in mind is that not all bacteria are bad. In fact, yogurt contains lactobacillus, which is a type of bacteria that should actually live in your vagina full time. The presence of lactobacillus will help to keep your vagina healthy, which is why it can be a good idea to use yogurt to either fight off or prevent BV.

Take A Supplement:

Another simple thing that you can do at home to treat BV is take an herbal supplement. Herbal supplements often contain a blend of not just herbs, but also helpful vitamins and minerals. For example, you might find a BV supplement that contains herbs, such as wild yam and white willow bark, along with vitamins and minerals, such as niacin, magnesium, iron and folic acid.

The great thing about a supplement like that is that it makes an ideal BV home treatment because each substance is combined in the perfect amounts and together they can treat a wide range of BV symptoms. They can even help to get rid of the BV problem itself by attacking it right at the source. However, you shouldn't rely too heavily on a supplement pill. You should also be sure to stay hydrated, eat the right foods, exercise and do other things to support your body. That's the best way to avoid or get rid of BV.

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